Life-Size Figure Modeling — First and Last Days

Week 1

Week 1

Week 26

Week 26

Thought it would be fun to post photos of the first day and last day of instructor Alicia Ponzio’s Life-Size Figure Modeling class (FASCU 360). A fantastic body of work from a set of very talented students! Model Andre, who the life-size sculptures are based on, sits at front-center in the second photo.

Moldmaking Face Pour

For yesterday’s Head & Figure Sculpture 2 class, instructor Guy Wilson lead his class through the process of casting a mold off a student’s face. The casting will be used by students to sculpt a scaled-up face in relief, several times the size of the original.

First, a cardboard tray is framed around the face, with a straw to breathe

Quick-set rubber is mixed with water

Onto the face! A good time for the subject to Zen-out.

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FASCU Featured in Latest Sculpture Review Magazine

Sculpture ReviewAcademy of Art University School of Fine Art: Sculpture students and faculty will be featured prominently in the upcoming issue of Sculpture Review, which is now on its way to subscribers! If you’d like to purchase a subscription with the National Sculpture Society (highly recommended!), head on over to their subscription page!

Carve Tahoe Snow Sculpture Event


Over the last several days, an international array of world-class snow sculptors has descended upon the Northstar California Resort at South Lake Tahoe to compete in the first Carve Tahoe event. Sculptors from the United States, Canada, Germany, Finland, and Japan brought their three-person teams to Northstar Village to sculpt forms from massive 20-ton blocks of snow. Carving started February 8, and by deadline on the morning of the 12th, all the teams had worked through the night to complete their sculptures for a panel of judges to review at 10am.

Heading up the panel was AAU Sculpture Chair Lawrence Noble, who was honored to play such an important role in an international event promoting sculpture. “It was an opportunity to enjoy a shared passion of sculpture in a magical setting and bear witness to incredible forms created out of and placed into the environment,” said Noble. “It is a world-class setting with world-class participants.”

After deliberating for nearly two hours, the judges arrived at a consensus — first, second and third place winners were chosen, to be announced at 3pm on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Winners have been announced!!


Lawrence peers up at "Four Elements" by Team Germany

Lawrence peers up at “Four Elements” by Team Germany

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Calvin Ma’s “Sway” is Front Page News



FASCU MFA student Calvin Ma’s “Sway” figurative sculpture recently owned the front page of The Orange County Register’s Show page. The story reports Calvin’s first place win at Brea Gallery’s “Clay & Glass National Juried Exhibition”, which is on view through March 1. A big congratulations to Calvin!!